Did We Make Justin Bieber Crazy?

I’m conflicted on this one.

On the one hand, I usually enjoy a good celebrity flame out. Yes, I’m awful, but the voyeur in me can’t help but watch, especially when they’re offered multiple chances to redeem themselves, only to continuously ruin any remaining goodwill (Chris Brown.)

On the other hand, I think this one might be on us.

Justin Bieber has lost it.

He broke up with his long time girlfriend.

He’s got Chris Brown in his corner, which is always a clear indication that you’re on the right path.

He’s got multiple driving infractions on his record, battery charges pending, and recently told a reporter that he’d “beat the f***ing f***” out of him.”

But why?

Because he can.

Who’s going to stop him? Certainly not the police department. He has money and fame and power. He is untouchable, which is a problem all it’s own, but not the one at hand. The problem is that we are surprised.


For some reason, we think we know Justin Bieber as a person. Justin would never spit on his neighbor. He’d never run a red light or cheat on his girlfriend or say the ‘f’ word. Says who? Do you know the guy? No. I mean, maybe you do. That’d be pretty neat.

Yes, Justin Bieber is being an asshole. But, he’s a teenager. All teenagers are assholes to a certain degree. The problem is that we expect so much out of him for virtually no reason. Why?


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