Dating A Stranger Online?

Ahhhhh. The new technologies of today. Reaching peoples hearts and soft spots. Creating relationships and destroying them. I remember a couple years ago, I was in an argument with my ex girlfriend. And it was back in the day when Myspace was the leader in social media. And after arguing with her, she ended up changing our relationship status from “taken” to “single.”  I was furious! This was not the root of the break up but it was definitely not helpful in any way shape or form.

And now we fast foward into years where not only are people making up and breaking up online. But they are actually meeting and forming relationships. From not even seeing each other in person! This is crazy! With so many dating sites out there the numbers and statistics are crazy. Quoted from the hit tv show “Catfish”, one in every relationships in 2013 started online. So we can defintiely say that online dating has progressed severly.

But how realistic are the people behind these photos, these status updates and these descriptions. And even if they are, how realistic is it to have a virtual relationship with someone. In my opinion, a relationship has a lot to do with prescence. Regardless if it is by talking on the phone, being on skype and being with each other in person. But through simple pictures and words, I feel like it is not enough. It is a false percepion of stability. So have the standards of a relationship changed? 

Online dating is getting more and more elaborate. And I think more than anything it is simply because people want to find that one. And that one might not be here today or tommorrow. So people are taking their relationship life in their own hands and going out and looking. Finding that person who says share the same qualities as they do. Is it crazy? maybe. But it is one of the many ways how technology is impacting and changing sociey.

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