Why Virtual Communities are not always great.

The online virtual community is growing and growing. More and more people are using online communities to meet, talk and get to know people that they would want to date with out meeting them face to face. I think that these are ridicules. There is no possible way to get to know the real person that you are trying to get know. Not everybody put their true self on internet. It is like that commercial for State Farm where the lady says ” they can’t put anything on the internet that is not true” then her date shows up from the online dating site. she says he is a french model. He is farthest thing from a french model. This commercial is an example of how thing put on the internet are not always true. These online dating sites can also be dangerous in the sense that your might have sexual predators on there. There have been many cases where women have been raped then murdered because of these online dating sites.

The virtual community as I said is growing. This generation has been blinded by these online communities. These communities keep kids inside and not doing the physical activity that they need to keep healthy. This contributes to the obesity that we see in so many young adult today. I think that this also effects young adult social skills. They talk more online then they do with other people. The young adult need to spend less time in online community and more time in their actual community.

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