Did You Know There Are Over 200 Chemicals Identified That May Be In Your Body?

Scientists have recently identified more than 200 industrial chemicals such as pesticides, jet fuel, and lead that are in the bodies of people all over the world. These chemicals have been linked to cancer, obesity, diminished I.Q., genital deformities and lower sperm count. Flint has been the narrowed focus lately, however, it is important that light is shed on all of the other  hazardous chemicals that you may be vulnerable to. The concern is that chemical industry lobbyists may be blurring lines and blocking efforts to address the matter.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 535,000 American children aged 1 to 5 suffer lead poisoning. Politicians are condemning the Flint lead epidemic but there are many other places in America that are affected by lead even worse. Children are more likely to suffer from lead poisoning in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and New York than in Michigan. Another realm of concern as of late surrounds the mosquito-borne Zika virus. But experts say that these industrial chemicals pose an even greater effect than the virus; only a small fraction of the total number of children affected by lead poisoning may see damages from Zika.

The effects of these chemicals, especially for but not limited to children, are vast and highly detrimental. Unfortunately, this going unacknowledged and chemical industry advocates investing large sums in lobbying are delaying saving lives. There is a crucial need for a public health revolution. Do your research to protect yourself and your loved ones and find out how you can support local efforts to spread awareness of toxic substances.


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