The Best Slam Dunk Contest Ever?

The 2016 all star slam-dunk contest, was one for the book this weekend featuring none other than Orlando Magic’s own Aaron Gordon. Gordon put up a very impressive fight making it to the final two, battling back and forth against Minnesota Timberwolves Zach LaVine with the judges scoring both with perfect scores of 50 points for their 2nd “dunk off” in a row, made a very entertaining contest to watch.

Zach LaVine who is a member of the Minnesota Timberwolves is also the defending 2015 slam-dunk contest champion and was not planning on giving up that title easy. But that did not stop Gordon from putting on one of the greatest performance in slam-dunk history.

Aaron Gordon providing the audience and judges with some of the most creative dunks ever witnessed using all of his resources such as Orlando Magic mascot “Stuff” who was on a hover board and fellow magic teammate player Elfrid Payton who assisted passing.

Both Gordon and LaVine fought very hard and both were deserving of the title, but only one person could win. The winner came down to the last dunk were LaVine outscored Gordon by only a few points. LaVine becoming the first ever back-to-back slam- dunk champion since Nate Robinson in 2009-2010. All in all, a very impressive showing from the two 20 year olds who are only in their second year in the NBA.

With next years slam- dunk contest a year away we can all cope by catching Aaron Gordon and the Orlando Magic take on the Dallas Mavericks Friday, February 19, 7:00pm at the Amway Center as the Magic look to improve their record after coming off the break.

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