Disabled Family Sues Disney Parks Over Policies

This week a law suit was released from a Tampa Law firm against The Walt Disney Company. The suit was filed by several families with children suffering from disabilities. According to the suit, the families believe that Disney is picking favorites with the new disability policy that is implemented in the parks.

According to the families, the original pass was much more convenient for the families as it would bring them to the front of each line for a ride without a wait. However the new policy gives the families a return time so they are not able to ride the attraction immediately.

The families that are having trouble are primarily families with autistic children. Some forms of autism affect children and young adults in ways that make the children uncomfortable in crowded areas or places with too much noise. These children can then react to these conditions with screaming or temper tantrums. Many times, these children are just reacting the way their body is telling them too.

The families also believe that through this change in policy Disney is intentionally trying to get rid of families with autistic children in their parks.

As a Orlando resident I do not see the reason for a law suit against Disney. Since they are private property, they are not required by law to have a policy for people with disabilities. However, they offer one, a free and helpful service, that although may not eliminate wait times for guests, will speed up attractions for families with disabilities. Not everyone with disabilities will see my opinion as fair, and I’m okay with that. I believe that families should all be treated equally.

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