The Joys Of Becoming The Mother of Two Orphan Baby Kittens

As I was about to write my blog earlier today, my friend and I decided to go to the printing center in Knights Circle instead. It was a good thing that we did because on the way to the entrance we saw two tiny, precious baby kittens staring back at us. I instantly, without even thinking about it, walked up to the kittens and picked them up. They fit perfectly in my hand and although I felt bad thinking that their mother was around, I knew that I could care for them more than they would be cared for on the streets at such a young age. The weather has been way to hot for two young kittens their age to be wandering around in.

My friend Tulio and I went to Walmart, bought them the supplies that they need and are currently caring for two perfect little angels. We have named the White and gray one, Elsa and we named the all Black one, Knight. I don’t think their names need much explanation. Until we decide what we are going to do with them, we will be caring for them as if they were our own. Sounds funny, but it’s actually really hard work. I feel like I have become a mother over night. We have a log that states how much they have eaten at what times, when we have to feed them again (which is every 3/4 hours), I have found myself already washing clothes, and even bathing them in Dawn soap to get rid of their fleas.

Now I am writing my blog and after I have other homework that I am going to do. It has been an exhausting day for both Tulio, I and the new babies. It is well worth it though. To know that we saved two kittens off the harsh streets and they now have a warm bed to sleep on and formula to drink every time that they need it, is so rewarding. This also shows me how much I don’t want an actual baby right now and reminds me that school and my youth is everything. Taking things day by day and loving our little babies every step of the way. <3

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