Disasters Take Media by Storm, Again.

Whenever a disaster occurs in the world, weather it be natural or human, it is all over the media. Disasters can take up the media for days, weeks, and even months. For example, when the Boston marathon bombing occurred, we all watched the news to see who it could have been, how many people where injured, if it could happen again etc. Then as we found out who it was, our eyes were glued to the TVs as the country watched police take down the Boston bombers live on national TV. Numerous questions and debates began to arise why did they do it, how they should get punished and etc. When something this horrible occurs, everyone becomes on red alert, which can be a good thing.  People become more aware of their surroundings and what they can do to hopefully change things for the better. We must learn from these tragedies and hopefully can prevent disaster. Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes can bring people together. When the earthquake struck Haiti back in 2010 millions of people came together and helped a county in need. Hundreds of people from all over the U.S. rushed over to help out. The song “We are the World” was reinvented for Haiti. When disaster strikes, the media begins feeding us information and people can’t stay away from it. We want to know more, the whos, the whys, the wheres, the whens, and the hows. It becomes overwhelming, everywhere you look, newspapers, magazines, the internet, TV. If disaster strikes, the media will be sure to cover it.

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