Accountability Journalism? What does it mean to you?

What is on my mind this time is our topic number two. This one has to do with accountability journalism. I think accountability journalism is very important to the public. I believe it is our right to know what is going on in this country and be able to hear all the facts of the conflicts that we are interested in. I believe it is important to have accountable journalist because we don’t need to have people that we can’t count on to deliver us news. How creditable are they? Can we count on them to deliver all the facts on each story? These are some of the questions I would use to find out how creditable they are.

Now is it a challenge for the journalist? the answer of course is certainly yes, very much so. There are so many journalist out there, it is hard to find creditable ones. There are professional journalist and there are amateur journalist who like to think that they are just as good as the professionals. It is very hard to know which is which.

Also something that aggravates me is the opinions that people like to include in their articles. People like to include some information which is either stretched truth or just a complete lie. They try to get you to look at the event or the person the way they look at it. Whether the point of view is positive or negative, it usually persuades the reader in that direction.

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