Information Overload: the Internet is Instantly Delivering too Information for the Reader to Keep Up With

When I go on the Internet, I am bombarded with advertisements and pop up windows. There are so many companies, products, events, etc. that seem to be so important. We are being spammed with such a high volume of content, and it is overwhelming.

In the text I read about information overload and what particularly stuck out to me was the example of the Associated Press. By taking the initiative to understand a younger audience and what they want, the Associated Press was able to empower themselves to put out information relevant to readers.

I do not bother myself with watching news or keeping up with the times. The second I go on FaceBook my timeline is filled with posts and links about the latest news and trends.  Now, FaceBook has taken it upon themselves to post on your timeline on behalf of their sponsored pages. I stroll through everything and stop only if something catches my eye, which is very rare. I cannot be the only person who does not like getting online because I am knocked off my feet with so much content, its sickening!

With so much reporting going on, it can be difficult to know what is truth and what is not. When I want to know what is going on in the world, where do I look?  I choose to be ignorant to what is going on so I do not have to trouble myself with an overload of information—which may or may not be accurate. I do still enjoy newspapers, the information is right there in your face, you will not be sidetracked with advertisements and pop ups. However, the information is delayed. With this nation spiraling into a digital revolution, online news sources need to get a handle on information overload or there will be few people logging on to read.

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