Disney Set to Lose $200 Million

I’m sure most of us can claim that we have grown up with Disney classics such as Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin as well as others or have seen them at some point in time or another. Each of those movies  were a huge hit when they came out in theaters. Even the movies of today such as Tangled and Puss in Boots ranked top in the charts. Unfortunately, Disney has come to a decline or rather a huge loss as their latest motion picture ‘John Carter’ has completely bombed the box office causing Disney to project a loss of around $200 million dollars.  Ouch! Talk about a very steep decline.


According to the article, this puts the movie ‘John Carter’ in the ranking to be amongst Hollywood’s all-time biggest money-losers.  A follow reviewer stated that even the plot of the movie was far fetched within itself.  As to this day, Disney stated that this movie has made around $184 million in box office sales worldwide but, the ticket profits are being split with the owners leaving them with only half of those profits.  The stats for this production with it’s budget is estimated to be around $250 million where $100 million more was spent apart from that on marketing alone, states the article.

The rating for the movie itself was given a 51% rating on the site Rotten Tomatoes.  To further bring in more statistics on this matter, Disney also claimed that the loss on the movie  “John Carter” caused its studios to lose a whopping $80 million to $120 million for the quarter. On the bright side, Disney luckily has two wonderful film opportunities coming up with “The Avengers” and “Brave” which will come out in May and June.


I personally thought just by watching the previews of ‘John Carter’ that it wasn’t going to be a huge success. Even though the plots for the animated motion picture come for a story book collection, it doesn’t always guarantee its success. I feel bad that Disney had to take a hit with this movie. They have managed to always to well and come out on top as far as box office success is concerned. Yet it also boggles me as to how the money time and effort put into making a movie can be either invested or wasted at the end. I suppose it’s the risk they are willing to take every time they do so. It goes along the lines of “ Prepare for the worst and hope for the best”.


Article found on Huffington Post

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