Disney to implement new rules for disabled guests

The normal procedure for disabled guests visiting Disney World is about to be changed. Usually, disabled guests and the group they are with are allowed to skip to the front of the line for rides and attractions. This procedure makes perfect sense, since it is unfair to expect people with disabilities to wait in the often hour-long lines in the sweltering heat at Disney World in Orlando.

However, Disney is now changing their disabled policy due to how badly people abuse it. Apparently, disabled people have been charging money to be Disney tour guides for able-bodied groups, and therefore allowing the whole group to skip the lines for rides and attractions. Clearly, this is a big problem, since it is entirely unfair to other theme park patrons. Disney has a new policy that will become effective starting in October.

This new policy will be very similar to the Fast Pass system. Disabled guests will be given a special ticket that enables them to come back at a certain time and wait in a shorter line. I’m not sure at this time how this is different from the Fast Pass system, besides the fact that these tickets will be given only to disabled patrons. Not everyone is happy about the change in policy, but most people understand why it is necessary. It is absolutely unfair for people to abuse this system. It’s unfair to regular Disney guests, and it’s also unfair to guests who actually are disabled and really benefit from being able to skip the line entirely. However, it’s obvious that a change needed to be made, and hopefully the new policy puts a stop to the abuse of the disabled system at Disney.

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