Spend The Money With Wisdom And be Proud of Being a Debt Free Person.

Today’s world offers us too may temptations to spend the money we have not yet earned; however, there are many advantages about living debt free. Some of the advantages are freedom and peace of mind. The main reason we come to college is because we are looking to live a better life, to have a better future, and of course it implies to make more money. It is important to keep in mind the importance of the way we handle the money we make today, because good or bad decisions will affect our future.
When people have too much debt it is compromising the money they have not earn yet; in that case, the priority becomes to pay credit cards, car loans, student loans, etc. Contrary to someone who is living debt free and who can make the decision in how they spend the money they make.
People without debt can enjoy the freedom of taking time off, and go on vacations often. Whoever has too much debt has to work harder in order to be able to pay their bills, consequently they are unable to take days off from work.
Additionally, people without debt can enjoy the peace of not having someone calling to remind them about the obligation of paying bills. Even more, job seekers with a good credit are on advantage over job seekers with a bad credit. A good credit reflects the applicant’s responsibility through money. Next time spend the money with wisdom and be proud of being a debt free person.

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