Do Artificial Sweeteners Make us Gain Weight?

Could it be adding ‘diet” supplements to our lives could actually harm us instead if helping us? Let us be completely honest..the world “artificial” in essence means fake. It is a clone of the actual product, yet this does not mean it is necessarily better for our health.

According to Roni Caryn Rabin who wrote the article “Artificial Sweeteners and Weight Gain”, “Another large study that followed thousands of residents of San Antonio, Tex., for 10 years found those who drank more than 21 servings of diet drinks a week were at twice the risk of becoming overweight or obese, and the more diet soda people drank, the greater the risk.” Just by this study we can see the damage artificial sweeteners have done to our bodies.

Although we have the right intentions to eat better, we are actually hurting our bodies more than we are actually helping them. The reality is we must not treat these “diet” items as a “get of jail free card” because when we abuse the freedom our bodies will not be able to handle the damage.

The article states that scientist must to more research to further define what is causing the negative effects, however we must not abuse the use of artificial sweeteners in the mean time. Would it just be better to limit how much regular sugar we intake? What would out health look like if we could use self control and develop a eating plan? Maybe the cure to not getting diabetes or become overweight is just eating healthier and less artificial products.

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