Apple Vs. The Government: Should Apple crack?

In a recent article I read I question after reading the article should Apple crack and make the software weaker so the government can hack Syed Rizwan Farook phone? This Is the key point that people don’t know is that Apple doesn’t have the key to the phone to unlock it. As a matter of a fact they don’t have the keys to unlock any of our phones. The Government wants Apple to make their software weaker so they can put in as many passcodes as possible without erasing the stored data. What’s the problem here you ask? The Government doesn’t give us privacy so why should Apple put their company at risk then? What I am saying is basically if they do this for the Farook case then sooner or later they are going to ask if they can hack the phones of other people in our country and others.

This is unlocking Pandora’s box if you will. If you give this to the government, then there’s no limit to their power they can soon track us and hack our phones for a variety of reasons. If the government actually does get Apple to do this who’s to say criminals aren’t going to get a hold of this data and use it for evil. I get it the San Bernardino massacre was bad and Mr. Farook should be put away but letting the government win this battle is just asking the government to not only let us into our lives but we might as well strap a camera to our chest with a live feed to let our government know what we are doing 24/7.







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