Does Kobe really deserve a spot on the NBA All-Star roster and the NBA All-Star MVP?

Kobe Bryant the man, the legend, The Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant will be making his 18th NBA All-Star appearance but does he really deserve it ? After all this season hasn’t been his greatest season nor a season to be called up to the all-star game but still why? A lot of people are saying he doesn’t deserve it or he hasn’t played a all-star season this year. It doesn’t matter if he’s a legend he didn’t it really deserve it this year. What?! Excuse me ?! The man is a legend! He’s changed the game for the better and shown what hard work is, what loyalty to one team is, and what team work is. Kobe Bryant is a humble athlete. He’s helped develop other players that enter the league years after years. He’s the epiphany of a perfect athlete rarely gets into trouble don’t get me wrong he’s been in trouble but what athlete hasn’t had there moments.

At the end of the day Kobe has done way more good then he’s done bad. He’s a amazing athlete, a family man, always has a smile on face. The fans know Kobe’s worth and selected him not only to be on the roster but to lead the voting on the all-star cast as well. Kobe is legend and he’s help the game grow so why not give him a spot on the all-star roster and possibly the MVP as well. I understand he didn’t deserve this season but the man is a future hall of famer might as well give him a all-star spot and maybe the MVP also key word maybe as a last hoorah.

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