370 MPH Soon To Be Achieved Without The Aid of Gasoline.

This summer automobile company Venturi will attempt to break the current land speed record for a batter-powered car that stands at 307 mph currently set by there previous model Venturi VBB- 2.5. The new model Venturi Buckeye Bullet 3 (VBB-3) is set to break the record this August and aiming for a speed of 370 MPH. So what does this mean is probably what you’re asking right now. Well the data gain from this run this summer will help not only Formula E which is a racing league for battery powered cars but will also help us as far as building better battery powered cars. Currently we are just starting to tap the potential of these battery powered cars but after data runs like these here we can soon have full battery powered cars for the average consumer.

Imagine a world where we actually start to reduce our carbon foot prints because of these events like this figuring out if the battery, motor, and other components work during high stress. Not to mention the same people that work for Venturi also end up working for the likes of Ford, NASA, and other companies. This is also beneficial because helps bridge a gap of technology, data and other things to make a solid consumer production car that the average person can buy and feel safe in. This is more then a land speed record and Venturi knows this. This is a step in the future, a step to help save this planet and extend the life of the planet itself. People see the importance of electric vehicles now its our duty to make sure that importance is recognized.

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