Do Award Shows Need To Be Televised?

Do award shows really need to be televised? I mean, I understand why they are and can only imagine the revenue that comes pouring into everyone involved whether it be monetary or just some good public relations, but when celebrities get ready for these events with the best most expensive designer shoes, dresses, hair and makeup flawless, and with an entourage to boot, you have to wonder who exactly they are putting the show on for.
These award shows are supposed to be to recognize the best of the best and since they have all been televised for years and years, it’s hard to even imagine these award shows being in any other format, if any. When you step back and think about it, these award shows have become for the viewer. We are the ones who want to see what the stars are wearing, what jokes the host will crack and at who’s expense, who wins what award, who shockingly walks away with an award, who loses, and will whats-her-name be sitting next to that guy.
I wonder what will happen if suddenly people stopped watching. I know it will never happen since we have a fascination with celebrities and all facets of their life but what if? I think it’s great when stars and celebrities all get together in their respective field’s award shows and enjoy their night but what I find even more fascinating is when celebrities get together, in the same format, and help contribute to a good cause.

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