Hurricane Sandy, Won’t Stop the New York Marathon

Hurricane Sandy has reccently dumped record breaking amount of rain and wind across  the State of New York, New Jersey, and 9 other eastern seaboard states. It is estimated that Sandy has contributed to 50 million dollars in damage and although the storm is gone, it is still reeking havoc on these states. People are still without power, New Jersey natives are in desperate search for gasonline, and the once thriving New Jersey Shore is non-existent in in some locations.  However the utter destruction that Sandy has caused for the somewhat niave northeasterners when it comes to dealing with hurricanes that is, are fighting through destruction. In fact, New Yorkers are so committed to not letting Sandy effect them that they have committed themselves to both hosting and running the pre-scheduled marathon.

New Yorkers are priding themselves on the fact that they are going to continue to host and participate in their state run marathon. With public transportation still down, excuses are not being made in any effort to excuse themselves from running the marathon. Mayor Bloomberg is also reassuring the people of New York that the marathon will run as scheduled. All resources needed for the marathon will be available including the proper amount of police and fire rescue force.

There has been some controversy surrounding the marathon which harpes on the fact some people believe the marathoners efforts could be devoted to helping rebuild the destruction that Sandy caused. People are arguing that the marathon should be delayed and that police and fire rescue efforts should not be devoted to a voluntary activity like running a marathon, rather, it their time and effort should be devoted to helping those in need.

The city and the people of New York are doing an admirable thing by continuing the marathon. They are coming together has group of people to accomplish a goal that they have been working for.



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