Dr Mr. President, Please Ignore My Blog About You Earlier This Year…

Romney is set to win the 2012 election, and we have more than enough supporters to prove it. With election day fast approaching, and polls slammed to capacity, its no shock that America is ready for something. In 2008, they were ready for change, and in 2012, we’re ready for change again. 5 of the top independent polling institutions across the United States have published poll results this week that indicate Romney is on top by nearly 20% in the Popular Vote. This comes with great relief as after the 2nd presidential debate Romney was beginning to look a bit like a sissy with his incessant need to have the last word. But Barack’s fate was sealed about 3 days ago when several democratic newspapers refused supporting the President on his second term, and decided that Mitt was the better person to back.

1 in 5 Democratic Newspapers across the US have spoken up and voiced their concerns about reelecting Obama. The President even personal spoke to several of the Chief Editors of these papers and in one case,’pleaded for 20 minutes’ to try and get their endorsement. With which they responded 2 days later, that they were on the Romney Rocket. After visiting the North east this week in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Barack may have gained some supporters, but even they are probably still waiting on that change from way back in 2008.

It isn’t all his fault though, many believe that people are only voting for Romney because he isn’t Barack. And to that I say, ‘Well that’s why Presidents are only given 4 years to prove their worth.’ If you promise the public a brighter future, and it at best stays the same, you can better believe that as impatient as Americans are, we are gonna give you the boot. Not because you deserve it, but because we think that if someone seems like they have a better plan, let them have a turn on the merry go round.

I voted for Romney this election, and I’m not ashamed to say it, but I will say this to you Mitt, 1) Don’t disappoint me, because we kicked Obama out because we thought you could change this, and if you don’t we reserve to do the same to you and 2) You sir are the shinier of two turds as it were, and because of that, you get my vote. Some advice though, stop being so flaky, show us your tax returns, and please, for the love of God, get me a job when I graduate.

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