Do Children Learn From the Shows They Watch?

Millions of Americans spend countless hours sitting in front of the television watching programs instead of being outside or interacting with others. Ever since I was young, I have always disliked technology but I would enjoy watching programs such as “Barney” and “Sesame Street.” When reading the article, “Tele[re]vision, I noticed how controversial the effects of watching TV on children is. Educational television is important in the development of a child. Yet, if there is a non-educational program playing then it will adversely affect the child. As a kid, one does not really understand the storyline of a show or movie but enjoys the pictures and music. There are plenty of movies that I loved when I was younger and now I realize how many provocative comments are in these programs that I would never notice as a child.

Growing up in the ninety’s, we didn’t have many channel options as children do these days. It will be amazing to see how the kids of the 21st children will grow up to act. Studies show that kids who watched Sesame Street excel more in school and show less aggression. I feel that kids these days spend all of their time on violent video games or watching non-educational television shows so this will most likely affect the child in a negative way. Yet, there are also those children who enjoy the history channel and reading. I feel as if technology is mostly negative for children because it is better to be outside interacting with others rather than sitting on an iPad.

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