Do We Care Too Much What Other People Really Think About Us? – Click To Find Out Why We Subconsciously Do This!

Thinking about one’s own identity is a little awkward, because we all know who we are, it’s something that we are not constantly thinking about it. People don’t usually like to label themselves as something because we are afraid of what other people would think or how do they react if I call myself “the prettiest college senior of central Florida”. Just like we are learning here in the class that we care way too much what others would feel about ourselves but a great question to ask is why do we do this to ourselves? Do we ultimately want to feel judged? Or do we just want the acceptance of others for us to be able to breathe like a normal person.

Well a great response to this I got it from the article our own professor post it, and it says that “The reason lies in the fact that people develop images of themselves and of one another in relation to those qualities and attributes that are important to their social roles and their sense both of identification with and difference from one another.” We all at the end of the day want to be looked at in positive way, we all would like to think of ourselves as attractive people, we try to motivate ourselves in our minds. We seek that social acceptance from our community, we want to be known as someone who is smart, good-looking, caring and so on. But who decides what titles are to be given out and to who? We should be the ones deciding what to call ourselves, no one else needs to tell us, once we figure it out on our own, people will respect you because there is nothing attractive than a confident person who knows what they deserve and will not settle for anything or anyone.

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