Nintendo is Moving into a New Phase of Handheld Gaming

The video game industry is a highly competitive business. Many of the original video game console companies have disappeared; Atari and Sega are two examples. Nintendo, however, has stayed alive through the long haul.

Since the early 80s and the rise of video games, Nintendo has evolved with the technology. Currently, Sony and Microsoft have dominated the video game industry, and Nintendo has maintained its place by being different and connecting with their market.

They’ve focused on family friendly games and social gaming through their consoles. However, our cell phones are becoming the most social aspect of our lives. We share our lives through our phone. Apps and mobile gaming are very new but have become ingrained in the culture of younger generations that have grown up with cell phones and hand held digital devices.

Being able to capitalize on mobile gaming will allow them to continue connecting with their fans. Nintendo won’t be alone in this business either, but can continue to develop and carve it’s own niche. Like the rest of the digital world, it’s open. Anyone that code can create an app, and coding is also a unique fact of modern life.

Mobile gaming will probably pull us a little further into our devices. Cell phones will also become more integrated within our lives. Nintendo has kept its focus on being entertaining for everyone. While more violent games will also be created by developers and competitors, Nintendo will do what it does best. Video games and online gaming are an opportunity for families to share, and isn’t that what being social is all about?

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