First Uterus Transplant in U.S. has failed but success is coming.


Should we be happy or sad that this failed? I ask this question because this could be a possibly be a good or bad thing depending on how you see it. I see this with an open mind and what I mean by that is we’re getting closer to a successful transplant and when we do achieve this feat then this can mean something amazing in the U.S. Women have these transplant procedures done because of infertile issue and in rare case some born without a uterus. Women who were born without uterus can finally have one and even give birth. The transplant failed because of complications but when the patient undergone one biopsy to check for rejection issues she initially passed leaving questions for doctors to answer. Other transplants in other country’s have been successful and no rejection issues have occurred in successful cases the patients even gave birth after recovering from the transplant. Three other medical centers are planning to do uterus transplants as well but at a experimental level right now.


Now on to the bad part as I was talking about in the beginning. The bad part of this that I can personally see is sooner or later the transgender will be trying to get a transplant like or similar to this and expect to give birth to children. Now I am not a judge so I am not here to judge anybody but I see this turning into a big controversy if the transgender do try something like this and is successful at it but that’s beyond the case. This is the first transplant in the U.S. but other country’s like Sweden has had nine successful transplants with five of those transplants leading to having birth. While this procedure is difficult it’s certainly not impossible.

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