Do We Rely Too Much on Technology?

Have you ever decided to take a break and cut out all technology from your life for a few hours or even for a whole day? I truthfully cannot remember the last time I was technology-less. Technology has become second nature to my life. I guess for me my main sources of technology are my cell phone and my computer. Between both I can literally do just about anything, well maybe that’s a little exaggeration. I always hear people say, “Oh, but that was before we had cell phones…”. It is almost crazy to believe that people were able to live without them. If I forget my phone when I am going somewhere by accident or if my phone dies I immediately feel disconnected. Another technological device that I would not survive without would be navigation systems. If someone handed me a paper map I would honestly have no idea where to start. Almost every activity that I take part in involves technology. After reading about if Goggle makes us more stupid it got me thinking: is all the technology we use making us more lazy in our everyday lives? It would be difficult for me to answer that question. Personally, I don’t think that I am less lazy due to technology, but I am almost certain that we as people rely too much on technology. We are fortunate enough to have an abundance of technology right at our fingertips and this is probably only the beginning. I am eager to see what the future brings in our technological world.

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