Duck Dynasty: The Phenomenon

If you’re one of the few Americans that have yet to tune in on Wednesday nights to A & E’s Duck Dynasty, you are greatly missing out.  In a society dominated by plotless and talentless reality television, the cast or better yet, family of the Duck Dynasty phenomenon are out to prove they are far from the shores of Jersey.  

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertson family and their multi-million dollar family owned business, Duck Commander.  The company is famous for producing duck calls for hunters and was started some 25 years ago by family matriarch Phil Robertson.  What started in a shed in the backyard has grown into a worldwide business and one of the most popular reality shows currently on television.  Phil’s third son, Willie, decided many years ago to put his business degree to good use and brand the popular duck call and grow the label.  Today, Willie serves as the company CEO and the face of the television series.  Willie’s brother Jase serves as chief engineer and runs product production, plus brings a level of humor to the show that’ll leave you begging for more.  The show also features the wonderful home cooking of Miss. Kay and Uncle Si, whom not only served his country in Vietnam, but serves the general public with his weekly opinions that are both humorous and honest.

But the show is more then about a family business.  The show features a family true to their family values and true to their faith.  They each raise a family that instills discipline, respect and honesty.  For what the show brings in entertainment value, it equals in positive messages.  For once, reality television followed a family that America can be proud of.

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