Do we use technology or does technology use us?

The advancements in technology have been on a constant roll for many years with the introduction of the telegraph to the computer to the laptop to the cell phone andd the list goes on. Our consumption of technology has not been us fitting new technology into our lives, but instead finds us morphing our lives around the use of technology. Think of how many different words we have had to learn and fit into our everyday vocabulary such as download, hyperlink, webcam etc. These words have snuck into our vocabulary and are used in our daily speech with others who comprehend exactly what we are talking about. We have had to learn these terms so that we can communicate with specialists when we need help fixing something that is wrong with our newest technological toy. We have new carrying cases for these toys and ways to charge them to keep them going which are changes we have to make so that we can have these items with us. More and more programs and applications are being created for our use on cell phones, tablets and computers so that we spend more and more time on them instead of spending time with our families or doing something for ourselves.

Technology gives us new ways to feel good about ourselves by giving us workout programs and diets to follow. We have blogs to read where people are giving their opinions about everything around them. Companies provide us with surveys to take on their products and services which asks for our personal information that is shared with advertising and marketing services to mine the right type of services and programs to our personal technology items to keep us interested. Terrific promises are made by the manufacturers of some technology such as being able to surf the web while talking on the phone and we run to the stores to lay out far more money than we will pay for regular needs (food, clothing, shelter, gasoline, transportation) so that we can own this wonderful new technology. It seems that we have our priorities out of whack when we are willing to mold our lives around a gadget instead of fitting that item into our lives if it is going to improve our quality of life.

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