Just Google It! Are we too dependent on this search engine??

Whenever you are unsure of a topic, the first thing that comes to mind is to Google it. This website is both a curse and blessing for those of us that use it daily. While Google has its benefits, there is always the  ability to be too dependent on this website. Google was originally created because of the inability to find a good Internet search for research papers. This website created the ability to organize multiple links and give the best results possible when using Google for searching research topics.

Google uses a ranking system in order to place their articles from most relevant to least. When you search an object, you notice that it tries to “read your brain” and you end up usually being able to click what you are searching before you finish typing it in completely. What you may not have known is that Google was made this way on purpose. It allows for advertisements from sponsors to come up before articles on topics related to that sponsor and lets you find the most relevant information first, instead of making you sift through the thousands of search results you may receive.

It’s no surprise that a company like Google is well known and used widely around the world. With the motto “Do no Evil” as the background of their company, Google has done a pretty decent job on applying the correct citations and sticking to the guidelines that are required by law. In other countries, Google has done its best to respect laws in the countries it is access in while still creating the results needed in order to complete a search using it’s search engines.

With the addition of social media, Google has tried to keep up with a new program they call Google+. Google + is a good idea, but it is still unclear if this will really take the place of a major social media website. The idea is creative and creates an organized way for individuals to stay in contact with friends and family and to post items in which only certain groups of friends can see, but in the end I’m not sure how willing people will be to use this site to replace or in conjunction with the already existing social networks.

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