Does TodaysTechnology Help Long Distance Relationships in an Online Sense

In today’s society online dating is as common as face to face or in person dating. Personally, I think that online dating is far more complicated though than living in the same town as your significant other. When I had my first relationship, a long distance one of four years, I learned that I would have to put in more work because I would not be able to see my boyfriend very often. We would constantly have to stay in contact by phone calls, several times a day. We would have to mail each other cards on special occasions, write long e-mails back and forth. At the time, we didn’t have Skype or Face Time that would make dating a little bit easier, instead, we would have to constantly send pictures to each other through social media or even more e-mails. Today’s technology allows online dating to be incredibly easier for couples. You can Face Time on an iPhone and iPad. Also, there is easy access to Skype on mobile devices plus the typical laptop, which is now making dating so much simpler, at least in the long distance sense.  Thanks to all the modern technology today long distance relationships in my opinion are more doable and working out in the long run.  Even in a non dating sense technology is helpful to any relationship.  However its not so convenient nor helpful when arguments arise.  I also know from experience.  Although it may not be the same for everyone, technology is helpful with most things and definitely a plus for long distance.

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