What is happiness? Evaulating Your Happiness.

Every week I write pretty interesting topics, from love advice to politics. But, I have never engaged my readers. This week I pose the question, what is happiness? how do you know when your happy? why are we in a constant pursuit of it? Lately I have been thinking about what makes me happy. Is it life satisfaction, career, love, or a combination of both. I mean what constitutes happiness anyway? According to researchers, we can reliably and honestly self-report our state of happiness and increases and decreases in happiness. Researchers explain that  Happiness is made up by  pleasure, engagement, and meaning. It involves both daily positive emotions and a global sense that life is worthwhile. People can accurately report their own levels of happiness. Happiness varies from each persons perception of life. Wealth, health, and your environment are just a few factors that can effect your overall happiness in life. Do you judge life happiness from moment to moment? or your overall happiness?  Readers, I challenge you to define your happiness and to thoroughly look in- depth into the factors that effect it. The next time you feel the embrace of a loved one or the simple pleasure of a favorite food, ask yourself, “Why am I happy?”.

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