Does Virtual Reality Equal The New Reality?

The internet seems to be taking over our lives.  It offers us a bit of everything as long as we know how to find it.  We are socializing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  Churches are streaming lives services.  Schools are holding online courses.  People bank online, find love online, and even order food online.

More and more people are choosing to connect through the internet rather than face to face.  So it stands to consider, is one truly alone if they are still connecting?  Is it necessary for someone to have actually met someone and spent time with them in order to consider that person a friend?  Nowadays, the lines seem blurred.  We know more about a person through what they post on a status update than we do from talking to them.

When people first began communicating through the web, it was cautioned everywhere to be careful.  People were more concerned about the dangers of who was on the other side.  Now that the internet has become such a part of our everyday lives, the caution has been lifted.  More people are finding love online each day.  You see commercials for dating sites on a regular basis.  Though, those people have to eventually meet in person.

Though the majority connects daily through social media, the virtual world is not the new reality.  It is merely a tool to enhance our lives.  Most of us still have to get up and go physically into the world around us every day.  We go to work, go to school and run errands.  Does virtual reality have the possibility to become reality?  Perhaps for some, but we are a social being.  Connecting through virtual means will only take us so far until we starve for true human interaction.

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