No I don’t care what you ate for breakfast!

The social media revolution has taken the Internet by storm, affecting everything from how businesses do there marketing to the information we as internet users share. Social media has influenced so much of our world already and it continues to expand into what seems like new markets everyday.

What is really beginning to bother me about social media is its overuse. In my opinion social media is being completely overused and mainly by the people who don’t have anything to say. This typically categorizes my generation as well as all the people who connect with social media for personal use. Sites like Facebook and twitter allow people to document there every move including the food they consumed that day, where they went, who there mad at, their favorite TV shows….you get the point. And my response to this…who cares!

In a way I am extremely thankful for twitter because it only allows its users to type a certain number of characters. However out of all the websites, I would say twitter encourages this type of behavior the most. Especially due to the attention celebrities have given the phenomenon. The thing is the average person is not a celebrity and the majority of the world could probably care less about what you have to say, that is just the harsh reality of the situation.

Now as I say all this I will let you know I do use the site, originally because it was required for an assignment. I thought it was pretty pointless to begin with and then finally got into it and started following people and would occasionally tweet. Even though I now understand some of the benefits of twitter and use it more frequently, I am still known to un-follow people who are giving me a play by play of their life. Not only is it highly obnoxious but unsafe! People put so much private info online that it would be way too east to stalk or even kidnap half these people.

Call me paranoid, but that’s the kind of stuff I think about. I’ve also noticed that people seem to compete through social media by posting pictures and statuses about their newest material item or experience. That is all great but it really takes away from ever needing a genuine conversation with someone.

Why do I even need to talk to you if you are going to post your life online whether it be fabricated or not, no one ever really knows. Honestly despite all the great things social media I doing for the world, it seems like an outlet for self righteous people to flaunt to their thousand or so closest “friends” .

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