“Down” With the Stereotypical Homecoming King and Queen!

Orlando broke the mold of the stereotypical homecoming court this year. Just outside of Orlando, West Orange High school crowned the very first Down Syndrome Homecoming King and Queen in the Orange county school district; the tenth largest school district in the nation according to The Orlando Sentinel. Semone Adkins and Travjuan “Bubba” Hunter were applauded Saturday October 12, 2013 by their classmates, teachers, and community members as well as police officers to congratulate the newly found homecoming king and queen.

Homecoming King, Bubba, is your typical high school student, he does well in school and has an amazing personality and is as polite as can be. From the support of fellow classmates, Bubba and his date Semone were crowned Homecoming Queen and King. Not only was Bubba well known and liked at West Orange High School, his date Semone put on a performance this past Monday at their schools talent show competition. Semone danced her heart out to Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” that would of made Beyoncé herself proud.

Semone and Bubba are role models for all special needs students in the nation. It’s a great thing to see students look past physical or mental disabilities and get to know one another  before they judge or label someone who might be different. West Orange proved that the typical blonde cheerleader or football quarterback don’t always take the crown. Students see Travjuan and Semone for their querky personality and not for their special needs. More students throughout the nation should have this mentality as well. Whether it be Down Syndrome or Autism, students should be valued for the contents of their heart rather than their superficial appearance.

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