Toyota Working On Crash-Less Cars

Throughout the years, the death toll is rising in pedestrians.  The goal is to try and lower the death toll, however, designing and testing cars that may help do that won’t hurt.  The car company, Toyota, is currently working on the possibility of car being able to sense where a pedestrian is and avoid it at all costs.  Ford has apparently begun the research as well.  This shows that this type of pedestrian-sensing technology will be available sometime in the future.  Although the new technology is still in the working phase, the system will be able to determine when someone is in front of the vehicle and try to avoid a collision or lessen the impact.  This is quite fascinating!  Most cars can be considered truly smart-cars nowadays with how much technology is available within them and to add on.  There are cars that can parallel park, sense objects that are close when in reverse, and even those that can send texts via bluetooth to your friends and family.

The Pre-Collision System uses sensors to scan the road in front of the vehicle.  If a threat is detected, an alert is issued.  The makers of the Pre-Collision System state, “If the likelihood of a collision increases, the system issues an audio and visual alarm to encourage the driver to take evasive action, and the increased pre-collision braking force and automatic braking functions are activated.”  The vehicle can also try and steer away from the pedestrian if the driver fails to react in time.  I’m curious to see how this unfolds because I do have a few questions about the technology.  How does the system take over if the driver fails to react in time and avoid other oncoming vehicles?  If this technology fails, it could be a burden on the death toll.

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