Drowning in Advertisments

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in advertisements when going about your daily life? Social media, IPhone apps, and search engines constantly hound us with new products and services.  But in today’s digital world, advertisers have no choice.  Everyday, advertisers have to create new ideas on how to get a product noticed.  I like to listen to Pandora, but along with the music must come advertisements.  And even Facebook places ads in the middle of your news feed now.  We must pay more or just deal with navigating our way around these pop ups.  For me, it is not a huge bother because I can ignore them.  But for spenders, these can be easy traps and that is what the advertising industry runs on.  On another subject, we see these commercials today about getting “scroogled”. When using a search engine such as Google, companies pay to be among the top results in the search engine.  I never before thought about how much this could expose a company’s product.  If this is true, I cannot begin to imagine the amount of money a company must pay to get their name out on Google.  This also forces us as consumers to be more diligent in our shopping to make sure we get the best deal.  Advertisers are evolving, but so are we as consumers because we are much more hypocritical of sales and products that claim to be great deals.  Companies recognize this and they are forced to be more transparent about what they are selling.

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