When is a photo in a newspaper too graphic for the public eye?

It is really hard to decipher between what photos are too graphic and what are not. Especially  after a tragic event in the world. Typically it is not hard to tell when a photo is too graphic for the general population because it seems pretty obvious as to what would be too much for a newspaper. But, this is where it gets a little complicated, what about when the world has negative events, and people are killed. When photos of that go into newspapers, some people can really take offense, while others do not even budge.  Even if we are not even talking about tragic world events, what about when a child picks up a newspaper laying around the house. Say a world event happens and a child picks up the paper and happens to see a very graphic photo. That child could possibly have nightmares for weeks. So is putting a graphic photo in a newspaper worth a child possibly having nightmares for weeks? I would say it is pretty impossible to tell when a photo is too graphic, but the one thing that can be done is the person putting the photo in the paper can think to themselves a couple different things. What if a child sees this? Would these photos hurt anyone’s feelings? Are these photos from an event that someone closely related would get upset about? There are so many different things that could go wrong when a photo is put into the newspaper, but with these questions being asked before it is done, many more things can go right.


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