East Coast is getting ready for hurricane Joaquin and floods that can occur throughout the states

Being prepared for hurricanes are one of the most responsible things a family can do. For the past 10 years, hurricanes has been avoided in Florida and the east coast since 2005. Hurricane Katrina was the major hurricane that truly impacted our nation. Hurricane Katrina devastated millions of people livelihood and Billions in property damage; after the afterwards of it the nation has created organizations of responses teams to assist affected families.

Once again, a hurricane is headed toward the east coast-Hurrican Joaquin. Although this hurricane isn’t as powerful as previous hurricanes, the devastation of impacted families and states can be high. And South Carolina and east coast states is no stranger to hurricanes. Most hurricanes that past through this wonderful states, one of the main concerns is floods.

Floods are high amount of water beyond its normal confines. This results in businesses, families, water, electricity being turned off and possibly individuals dying. If floods reach a certain area with dams or lakes the damage can be throughout counties or even cities,

Certain areas such as Washington D.C. South Carolina, New Jersey have activated an evacuation protocol so people are able to  leave their homes and hurricane path to stay safe.

Meteorologist state hurricane Joaquin won’t hit landfall but will bring strong force winds to all areas that is destined for its path, according to times.com/weather channel. Personally, I have family member that already left certain ares of east coast to stay with my family/ my house. The important part is safety.

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