Bar in Orlando Offering Free Beer Until UCF wins a Football Game

The Knights’ performance this season has left little to celebrate but that isn’t stopping this bar in Orlando from keeping the party alive.

The Basement, a bar 15 miles away from campus, is giving away free beer during UCF football games until the team can get a win. The Reason, as it says on The Basement’s advertising promotion, “Because we need something to celebrate.”  After a loss to Tulane this week putting the Knights at 0-5,  there very well could be free drinks all season. The Basement is located in Downtown Orlando and says it will switch to giving free wine if the beer runs out.

The bar may be 15 miles away from campus but the school spirit hits home. Along with advertising the bar has weekly tweets that show the school pride.

“Name another school with this much enthusiasm for an 0-4 team. UCF fans always ‪#‎ChargeOn‬, even if they need a little push from the local watering hole. Go Knights!”

That enthusiasm might not be present now that the Knights are 0-5. A usual customer and fan of the nights responded to the tweet saying:

“We are going to need to start a GoFundMe to keep @basmentorlando in business all football season. UCF football may bankrupt them.”

Whether or not this advertising method will work in favor of the business is yet to be seen but at the very least it gives a depressed Knights fan base a reason to kick back and celebrate something. You can bet this upcoming week will be more than just another game for The Basement, its a matter of life and death for the bar’s future.

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