Easter the Biggest Smallest Holiday

By Shawn Presley

In Lou of the Holidays I must admit Easter is by far the Biggest little Holliday. With so much that surrounds the holiday, things such as buying clothes, seeing family, and the many festivities, Easter is considered a major holiday. Furthermore the festivities of Egg hunts with egg painting are synonymous with that of the pumpkin and Halloween.

On the other hand, the “little” factor of Easter is due in part to the professional aspect. Many jobs and businesses do not regard the holiday as just that, a holiday. Sure you may get specials on Eggs and candies but the individuals selling the eggs and candies are not permitted a shorter day of work or increasesd pay scales.

Without a doubt many of Americans acknowledge the holiday but it’s not held in nearly the same light as that of Halloween or Christmas. Some  can argue is due in part to it’s religious significance but so is Christmas. I argue the reason for “downplaying” of the holiday is due in part of it’s celebration. The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ is celebratory occasion the secular world just cannot find itself highlighting.


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