How Do We Should We Cater To All The Different Types of Audiences? -Here We Tell You What To Keep In Mind!

For example, someone who is currently living in Venezuela with the country’s insecurity problems, robberies, inflations, socialist president could probably care less about the new restaurant that Kim Kardashian just opened up in Manhattan, but as soon as that person opens their Facebook I could guarantee that that headline will be in their feed or, at least, show up in the trending topics of Facebook because those are the type of news we mention in our society. So to them it might seem so ridiculous that this is the serious trending new, when they are dealing with actual problems in their home country but people don’t know about it because they are trying to keep up with the Kardashians on their reality tv show that teaches nothing to our younger crowd than just to look pretty.
This is why we have to cater to what most people would like to see instead of just one genre of people. Current events will always be important to everyone regardless where they are from because we all care what happens worldwide in regards to hard news. Entertainment news is a touchy subject because that depends on each person’s likes and dislikes but we can guess usually what most people would like to know about or a cool recipe that involves chocolate, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like chocolate? exactly.

The reason I choose this reading is because it relates so much to what I see everyday, I consider myself a millennial, but I am someone who believes to be more mature for my age, because even though I love to see entertainment news in my news feed I like to be up to date with just regular actual news, so when thinking about this article brings light to the fact that I am able to not just see info about college and celebrities but also what’s going with ISIS all over the world, so it is interesting to realize that I know why things are catered to one type of audience over another.

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