Skittles Saved Her Life

A former homeless mother of two has endured a rough couple of years.  Twenty-seven year old Sarah Louise Bryan has been sleeping on friends’ couches after being left penniless and facing rental arrears.  The mother has been doing everything she can to keep a roof over her children’s heads until she had a miraculous dream that could save her life.

Sarah Louise Bryan had an idea while lying in bed one night- an idea that could potentially make her lots of money.  She dreamt of a dress made completely of Skittles, and immediately jumped out of bed to search online and make sure the idea had not already been done.  The next day she began her creation and after 180 hours, 90 tubes of glue and 3,000 Skittles, her masterpiece was complete.  Bryan posted a photo of her creation on Twitter and the post went viral.

Ripley’s museum in America ended up buying the dress and Bryan has since been given her own clothing and handbag line and is set to supply her designs to the Kardashians.  For a former beautician who had been living homeless, this was a dream come true.  During an interview with the Birmingham Mail, Bryan stated “Not so long ago I had basically nothing. I was struggling with rent, I was a teenage parent as well and I used to be in foster care.”

Sarah Louise is an example of how powerful social media is in our generation.  A simple idea can be taken to any social media outlets and instantly be shared with millions of people.  It just goes to show how easy it is to pursue what your passionate about and follow your dreams.  Bryan said, “When little things knock you back, and believe me they do, just pick yourself up and just try again.”

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