Eat Clean, Stay Healthy: 3 Main Ways on How to Diet While in College

It happens every time, students come to college there first year and they tend to blow up a little. But, if you think about it, it’s so hard to resist all the amazing foods within the UCF community. Whether that is the ice cream shops at the student union at UCF or the taco and pizza restaurants right around the corner, healthy seems to not be an option for college students. While many students find it difficult to stay healthy for the four years that they are in college, it is much easier than people think. While cutting the cost of all the money students spend every day eating out, rest assure you can put a couple more bucks in your pocket and spend it towards the new skinny jeans you will need from losing so much weight! College is a time to have fun, have new experiences, and making lifelong friends, but along the way, staying healthy should be a key issue.

If you want to diet while you’re in college, you can make it happen by adjusting your mindset and making a game plan for how to spend your days and nights. Here are three methods of how to diet while in college.

Method 1: Stay positive and create a structured schedule

College, although a great time for partying and meeting lifelong friends, is also a time for finding yourself and making sure to stay healthy. With all the exams, bogs and homework tasks within a semester, staying structured is very tough for college students. One of the most important methods to staying healthy is by staying positive and keeping a structured schedule. By constantly knowing your daily plans, you are able to schedule in when you will be going to the gym, the time you have to make your meals at home and when you will have time to study for all your exams. So don’t be afraid to write in your calendar, because the more you write, the better your week will be in staying positive towards a healthy lifestyle.

Method 2: Don’t compare yourself to everyone else

Everyone has their own way of working out and eating healthy, and everyone has their own way in losing weight. Some people can lose weight fast, while others take a little bit longer than others. But no matter what, do not compare yourself to everyone else because everyone is different in how they lose weight and exercise. Avoid comparing yourself to people in college, or you wont have a healthy mindset when you try to maintain your diet. Focus on your own goals and diet and I promise you will see the results you are looking for.

Method 3: Fall down three times, get up four

No matter how many times you back slip within your diet, never give up! Everyone has his or her cheat days and everyone gives in to the temptation sometimes, but the most important thing you can learn from this is to jump right back on that horse. With that being said, allow yourself one to two cheat meals a week. This way you are eating healthy while still allowing yourself those indulgences you crave ever so often.

Now that you know the three main methods for staying healthy in college, go out and get to work, because you’ll be seeing improvements in no time!

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