Effects of Technology in Our World Today and Tomorrow

This year has been a time of great innovation, technological progress, and discovery. Not only have we developed new, simpler, and more efficient ways to live our lives, but we have done so with environmentally sound technology. Now more than ever, we seek solutions to heal and preserve our environment and the world around us. We have realized the delicate nature of not only the human race, but the habitat that we so desperately depend on. We must remember, however, that with every technological advantage comes a disadvantage. Whether economically, socially, politically, or environmentally, technological advancement can come with a price that affects all of mankind.

The question is, how do we advance the human race without losing the true nature of our species? We are programmed to adapt to the environment around us. As our society becomes more technologically based, so do we. It is inevitable that our lives will soon be drowned by the plethora of technology available to us. You can already see the overwhelming effects that it is having currently. Day to day, we are striving to consume as much information as possible in the shortest amount of time. It has become a never-ending cycle of wanting more.

We must try to preserve our humanity and the unique characteristics that make us so beautifully human. We must not let technology overrun our lives. We must learn to control it and use it, not the other way around. The power that technology creates tends to blind us to the point of pure ignorace. We need to open our eyes and remember what it truly means to be on this planet. After all, we are humans, not robots.

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