Egypt’s War: Citizens Fighting for Their Rights

Since the creation of newspapers and the ideals it holds, citizens have taken advantage and used it as an amplifier for their voices. The media was always meant to serve information to people and let them have a chance to make a difference. Newspapers, blogs and any other form of mass media are controlled by citizens and not by the government. The main goal of the media is to reveal information, investigate its truth and distribute it to the people. By doing that it’s a way to keep the government in check and to make sure that not everything is controlled by the government. That is the main reason why the public press is also referred to as the “fourth estate.”

What would the world be like if we didn’t have those innovative individuals who stood up and went against the grain of the government? We would still believe the world is flat and all races would not be equal. All around the world countries develop at different speeds and recently Egypt has been facing a revolution. Because of the Internet and its sharing capabilities bloggers have become famous in Egypt for uploading videos revealing Egypt’s police brutality. The government reacted by repressing and threatening anyone who opposes them, which caused some journalists to get fired. They are turning the press into their own controlled content by filtering out what they don’t want people to see.

There are bloggers who aren’t giving up revealing the truth behind Egypt’s corrupted government despite the threats. The newer generation is trapped because there are few jobs and it’s causing many to leave. But the one’s who decide to stay are fighting back and pushing boundaries that were pushed before. I think the generation of today that grew up with the Internet, apple products and cell phones are stronger and smarter than the government thinks. There is not doubt in my mind that the new Egyptian generation will make a difference that is most needed for their country.

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