To Choose or Not To Choose–That is the Question

We are all given the choice of whether or not we want to be involved in news.  According to an article I read called “Overload! Journalism’s Battle for Relevance in an Age of Too Much Information” we experience too much of news, therefore the majority of us decide to tune it out completely.  We are living in an age where we have too much news being produced daily.  News is on television, on print, and most recently the evolution of news online.  There are just so many sources that the majorities choose to be passive about the news.  In this article written by Bree Nordenson, I found that as the years and technology has progressed, our quest to seek out the news has actually declined.  A study was shown that in 2007 they found that 69 percent of Americans could correctly name the vice president, compared to the 74 percent that could in 1989.  I couldn’t believe that with all the resources that we have we are actually decreasing; not by much, but decreasing non-the less.  Its sad to admit, but this generation and others as a result to growing mass media, we are more likely too know who the Real Housewives of Atlanta are than the name of our vice president.   Because there are other avenues of entertainment, we choose to watch them, rather than news.

Studies have shown that even though there is more news out there, that does not necessarily mean that we are seeking it out.  Most young adults complain that they avoid finding news online.  Why is that? Simply, because the information is too overwhelming on the site and as a result causes them to be fatigued from an information overload.  Simplicity is the answer to our problems.  If we want the general public to be more aware journalist have to give them need to know facts.  If they want to learn more, that’s great, but there is no need to force people to read through information.  As said in the article, in the 1960’s people were more aware of the news and daily events because there was one source—television.  And most television at the time during specific hours was news, so consumers were not really given a choice.  If they wanted to watch T.V, they inevitably watched the news.

I understand that the news is trying to be relevant with the growing avenues of media, and yes its great they are taking advantage of it, but I am wondering when are they going to see that the current path that are choosing is not helping but hindering the general public. I am not saying that we should revert back to our old ways, but there is indeed a lesson to be learned.

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