Euromaidan: The Bloody Revolution on The Streets of Kiev

The peek of the Ukrainian revolution has reached its peek during this past month. As the world news are reporting daily, the situation in Ukraine has worsen, and thousands of protesters have decided to invade the public street in order to raise their voice and fight for their rights.

The name of the accumulation of these protests that started in November 2013 has already made a political impact, such as other similar movements that happened during the past years, for example the 15-M in Ireland, Spain, Greece or Italy.

Furthermore, analyzing the reasons of the protest, the issue comes up when the population of Ukraine is spited in two groups, according to political beliefs. The big majority of the population is anxious for the final agreement on the association of Ukraine to the European Union, however the government of Viktor Yanukovich is doing his best in order to mislead the process, and aside with Russia. He also ordered to in-prison Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the opposition back in November. However she has been released two days ago. The EU had told Ukraine that no agreement would be issued until an improvement or modification will be made into Ukraine’s laws, as well as resolving its internal problems. Since one more weakened country entering the European Union could also harm the rest of the countries. (As it has happened with Greece or Spain)

The protest started with students and mainly young generations, today, more than 700,000 protesters occupied the streets of Kiev, and nothing but violence and aggression from the Ukraine police has been present. There are already around a hundred of deaths and thousands injured. This, show the courage that innocent people are giving away in order to change the situation, and get rid of the infinity corruption.

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