Parents Want Miley Cyrus to Cancel Her Tour

The title says it all.  Parents are enraged over Miley Cyrus’ Bangers tour. In fact, they are so angry that they want her to cancel her tour, or at least a refund. One parent even took their nine-year-old child to see the show, and was furious at the level of sexuality presented. The complaints are a result from the show being too racy and raunchy. Miley is twerking more than ever, and she even pantomimes a sexual gesture to a figure that is supposed to resemble former President of the United States, Bill Clinton.

Should Miley Cyrus uphold some role model behavior, or should she just be allowed to express herself however she chooses? This is America, and she is protected by the constitution. She isn’t doing anything illegal (well, publicly). Plus, parents should know that  Ms. Cyrus is no longer  “Hannah Montana.” She has decided to shed that alter ego, and has tried to make it blatantly obvious that she doesn’t want to be admired by children. Although, when she was “Hannah Montana,” there was this sense (partly because of Disney) that she wanted young girls to emulate her. The past years of devotion that she has received from her younger fans, cannot be turned off like a light switch. That could possibly explain why the antics are so over the top, and most likely because sex cells.

So what is the solution? Parents should be parenting their children. There is so much sexual influence in the media (especially the internet) that Miley seems rather tame in comparison. If I had the money, I would go see the tour.

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