Facebook Gets a Stock Poke

Since the Initial IPO for the Facebook company optimism has been a hard pill to swallow, but the value of this social powerhouse may be on the rise. According to an article in the CNN website Facebook has been looking to enter into the jobs apps market, a launch date has been arraigned for the next couple of days. The article also explained that Facebook worked with 3 non-profits and other sources to create a 1.7 million job listing. Though this would compete with the company LinkedIn, I feel that this is the kind of moves will solidify social media giant Facebook Permanence over the market in the long term. With a closer look into the demands of a modern tech savvy costumer base, and with a focus into the problems of modern nations a synergistic effort could create movement into the way that job placement is created.

Along with the news that Facebook would be entering this realm of social economy, the company took a pleasant increase in value in the closing of the stock market today. Though most of the reason for the increase in stock value came from the release of more than 800 million shares into the market on wednesday of last week, I still firmly believe that the value of this company is posed for an giant boost. Though it may seem like a far fetched dream, and to some it may look like the beginning of the SkyNet invasion, it would be a organic transition for the market to shift Facebook to more essential roles in society. Personally I wouldn’t mind having my job placement be aided by a technology that seems to offer many resources and results.

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