Media Shapes Generation X

We talk a lot about how we are in a ‘digital age.’ Generation X is constantly talked about as being the generation that is tech savvy. We (I being a part of Generation X) are the generation that grew up with computers, a technology unlike any other before it, which was bound to impact the way our generation lives.

We are often talked about as the generation that cannot stand to read books. A physical bound book is not something you will see often in the hands of any young adult. We are the generation that has issues with reading long articles. This has largely to do with the impact of the internet on our lives. We are so used to having the internet at our disposal at any given time. We are used to being able to look up anything whenever we want. That kind of freedom is something that unfortunately makes us distracted all of the time by the other possible things we could be doing/looking at.

Another thing about Generation X is the idea that we cannot stand to be alone ever. With technology keeping us in contact with everyone via texting, Facebook, and Twitter it is like we are never alone even when we physically are. People of my generation hardly value alone time like those of other generations may. Maybe it might have to do with the fact that we can get people together so much more easily since we can contact them at any given moment. Through Facebook events, texts, and even the rarely used phone call, plans of a group social activity can be made with ease and reach people with that same ease.

When I talk about things like how my generation has issues with focusing on a single task and being alone it sure does sound like negative traits we have all developed. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but with mobile devices and computers becoming more readily available to the public everyday these are issues that will not go away and will affect the future generations.

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