Faster Processing Technology leads to an Over Processed Mind

Why are our lives driven so much by social media? In today’s society, every single move we make is dictated by this realm. We spend more time thinking and focusing on a clever and witty way to inform others about what we are doing, rather that taking the time to actually focus on the task at hand. Our world is so constantly busy, and it mostly causes us to move one hundred miles a minute, never stopping or slowing down. Do we complain? Every chance we get. Yet we are always looking for the newest and greatest invention to make our complicated lives “easier.” But looking at this situation, is it really getting easier? Is adding yet another piece of technology that is made to simplify our lives really the solution to our societies problem? We completely over think and over process these days, and I believe that is a result of too much social media in our lives. For example, the new iPhone 5 just came out. Sure, it’s top of the line, but will it really improve the owners quality of life? Absolutely not. However, we as a society have convinced our self’s that it can and it will, and we need it as soon as we can get our hands on it. This new technology, the faster processing; is it really making our technology run faster or is it sending our minds into overload? We have been convinced that we need these things, that if we truly want to be the best and be at the top of the game, these items, this new technology is necessary. But what is it truly necessary for? The only real outcome I can see from it is not a good one. We ourselves are so over processed that unless we recognize the problem and attempt to ratify it, we are only going to keep upgrading, both in our technologies and in our tension levels.

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